Livien Rózen's painting is characterised by constant renewal, both in style and in the use of colour. Through her work, we can see the refined and purposeful development of a self-taught painter. In the absence of reference points, we can observe how she finds her own artistic expression and learns to use her spiritual fervour creatively. Her artistic intention is to find the harmony of colours and forms on the canvas.
Her art cannot be separated from the world of fashion and commerce from where she comes. Not leaving behind her background as a fashion designer, her paintings are also characterised by a vivid use of colour and form, often based on contrasts, which are restrained but sometimes boldly exuberant. Her work is embodied in small collections. The artist consciously composes her works for residential spaces, considering them as a splash of colour in the room. Her aim is to bring her art to life in the homes of art lovers, as an integral part of them.
Through precision and the pursuit of perfection, Livien Rózen constantly reinvents herself and her art, never settling for the familiar, daring to create something new. It is important for her that, when looking at her work, we notice the momentary, fertile silence that is an integral part of the creative process. Observing her colourful formal world, we can sense a tiny spark of the meditative, present state the artist felt when she conquered the canvas.

Morafková Laura - Art critic. Artistic writer. Art project manager