About me

"In my life I have always strived for perfection, not realizing that manifestation true to the given moment and to the person cannot be anything else than perfect - the rest is just a matter of perspective ."


In my life I have always been fascinated by forms and colors. From 1989 my activities were focused on the fashion industry, this was followed by interior design. After fifteen years, I desired something new, unknown, so not only did I give up my enterprise, I left everything behind myself. This was the beginning of a rough path, as I was on a mission of spiritual development and search for reality. After a long time, I realized that the difficult and never ending pathing of self-exploration with many changes. So I gave up searching and stopped. To my great surprise, it was at this point that everything I had been searching for up to that time revealed itself to me. In the harmony that connects colors and forms I recognized myself, and by now it has become clear to me that I only need to let reality manifest itself through me.


My painting style is constantly changing, as I learn painting - similarly to many other things in my life - in a self-taught way. I have different qualities to help me in this process: dedication and a keen interest and openness, not only to painting, but to the unknown within me, which encourages constant renewal. I am looking forward - while working diligently - to seeing what creative expression is born through me.

I am currently trying to explore the myriad possibilities of acrylic paint. I call on various tools for help, their appearance and effects combined with the paint surprise and fascinate me. I love perfect details, but I can't resist sloppy, unpredictable movements either. And with the pixel technique, which I invented, I don't see the final result until I remove the net from the canvas. With these interesting abstract motifs, I dissolve the regular lines of acrylic. By ventilating my work a little, I bring about change. I break the rule to give way to something new. I strive to create harmony in my paintings, as I do so in my life.

It makes me happy to experience the magic of creation. In my conceptions, I focus on the beautiful and tender moments of existence, directing attention to a balanced and conscious life. My subject is the person, especially the portrait, as the face and what the gaze is capable of has always mesmerized me. I feel honored to be able to portray a real person who is willing to reveal herself to us. Through her gaze, an invisible world full of emotions emerges, which unshakably sincerely reflects reality. Being immersed in it, a mystery is revealed to us that can help us get to know ourselves.