My name is Livien Rózen, I was born on September 25, 1967 in Bratislava, Slovakia. I currently live and work in Hungary.

I completed my studies in 1985. I only worked in my profession for a short time because I felt it wouldn't let me unfold, I felt it suffocated me and killed what was the most important to me: the joy of creative activity and being freely immersed in creation. So I gave up my profession and started a whole new thing.

Luckily, during my elementary school studies, from the age of 13, I learned to sew. I devoted all my time to my hobby and by the time I was 16 I had gotten into the tricks of tailoring and sewing. The most enjoyable part of the workflow for me was drawing, designing clothes and prints. Creating a tailoring pattern required logic, and sewing was about foresight, scheduling the correct order of the workflow, combined with some manual dexterity. In these activities, I felt I could completely fulfil myself. There was no problem with the sale either, as the product sold itself, but the communist era in which we lived at the time was of great help to me. People in those days were hungry for the new; they wanted to emerge from the crowd, just like me.

In 1989, after the change of regime, I officially licensed my garment manufacturing business. Over time, I got married and had two children. I realized that the market for children's clothing was just as poor as that of anything else. Therefore, my company started to deal exclusively with the production of children's clothes. It started to bloom and was successful for sixteen years. However, change, whether in a good or bad direction, is unstoppable. Laws and restrictions introduced in the country at the time made it difficult for the company to operate and then made it unviable. From a time perspective, I already know that nothing happened that did not stem from my need for change and would have helped my spiritual development. Twenty struggling active years were enough to me to become tired of the one-sided activity and I could no longer avoid the big encounter with myself. The void I found myself facing was unbearable.

In 2005, leaving everything behind, I lived my life wandering in different countries that were foreign to me. I listened, experienced and learned to accept. Getting rid of the burden of the past, I learned to live in the present. A long and exhausting journey led me to a feeling so far unfamiliar to me: gratitude. This enabled me to be reborn, to tear down the wall I unknowingly set between myself and the existence.

In recent years, I have learned a lot about myself and the life force that, if left untreated, dies. We choose for ourselves the way how we nurture our minds throughout our lives. This ability of us, with which we also shape our destiny, cannot be taken away from us.

With my paintings, which I have been publishing since 2018, I provide visual nourishment to the viewer. That's why I find important to convey beauty and harmony with my creations and to keep my expression simple and obvious.


My painting style is constantly changing, as I learn painting - similarly to many other things in my life - in a self-taught way. I have different qualities to help me in this process: dedication and a keen interest and openness, not only to painting, but to the unknown within me, which encourages constant renewal. I am looking forward - while working diligently - to seeing what creative expression is born through me.

I am currently trying to explore the myriad possibilities of acrylic paint. I call on various tools for help, their appearance and effects combined with the paint surprise and fascinate me. I love perfect details, but I can't resist sloppy, unpredictable movements either. And with the pixel technique, which I invented, I don't see the final result until I remove the net from the canvas. With these interesting abstract motifs, I dissolve the regular lines of acrylic. By ventilating my work a little, I bring about change. I break the rule to give way to something new. I strive to create harmony in my paintings, as I do so in my life.

It makes me happy to experience the magic of creation. In my conceptions, I focus on the beautiful and tender moments of existence, directing attention to a balanced and conscious life. My subject is the person, especially the portrait, as the face and what the gaze is capable of has always mesmerized me. I feel honored to be able to portray a real person who is willing to reveal herself to us. Through her gaze, an invisible world full of emotions emerges, which unshakably sincerely reflects reality. Being immersed in it, a mystery is revealed to us that can help us get to know ourselves.